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David Bautista

Managing Trader & Introducing Broker for FXCM
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I started learning and trading in 2012 and firmly believe that technical analysis, methodical execution coupled with statistics and probabilities instead of predicting and forecasting work better in time. In my opinion, Markets are emotional, it rarely has ever been logical. News contradicts itself everyday, but strategies just either work or don't. Therefore it can be changed, improved, and measured.

  • Proven strategies

    The system is designed to take advantage of trending and ranging currency pairs to maximize profitability

  • Risk Management

    I risk 0.3% Or less than half of 1% of managed capital per trade, averaging of 30 trades per month.

  • Long-term growth

    Low-Risk strategies applied on a High-Risk Market, combining short term trading techniques with a long-term mindset focused on steady gains.

  • Consistency

    I believe that goals, whether long or short are achieved through consistency, discipline , and continuous improvement.

Real Trades, Real Statistics, Results that you can measure.

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  • 0.1667% Management Fee (applied monthly)
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